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The time is now for learning how WBA can help you.

One conversation can give you the information and advice on hotel management and hotel finance options to meet your goals and objectives from hotel industry experts.

Contact us now to learn the next move.

WBA Hotel Funding Formula as a Realistic Advantage to Obtaining New Hotel Capital Today

We guide our clients equity protection, asset repositioning, private equity/capital infusion goals and other hotel asset and hotel funding dynamics with performance we back by our unique fee structure.

Your hotel's success is important to us, your goals met through our performance is our priority.


A successful strategy requires an expert management and funding strategist with access to industry intelligence and finance capital resources. WBA offers experience, insight and finance sources to prepare you for the next move with confidence.

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WBA seeks hotel investments and distressed hotel asset acquisition in the $4,000,000 gross revenue range, which can benefit from a hotel capital infusion directly with comprehensive hotel management to regain market viability, focus, and dominance.

WBA Searches for Hotel Funding Candidates

We are keenly interested in acquiring hotels and commercial real estate in most markets. To this end, WBA is diligently searching new leads, and all avenues of possibility, and we invite your inquiry into our proposals for hotel acquisition or distressed property recapitalization through a strategic hotel capital infusion, hotel management and hotel finance resources. As a private equity hotel capital and funding group we can make decisions quickly. Given these turbulent times in the hospitality industry we are focused on real estate hotel assets that are under-performing. Our search is for hotels that have most of the following chrematistics:

You are assured of dealing with one of our principals who have authority to commit to a transaction and, therefore, a proper interest in bringing the matter to a timely conclusion financially and professionally for all parties involved. We guarantee a robust hotel intelligence and analysis network within our team's instant access to make accelerated and competent hotel finance and hotel capital decisions real time, not through a convoluted labyrinth of corporate layers, but directly ASAP.

When WBA makes a move, it's as a team, with hotel owner's interest and goals in mind, as well as ours (see our unique fee structure). If you are in possession or in management capacity of a hotel, resort or mixed use real estate property nearing or losing competitive investment edge, we can help. To learn more contact us now, we are ready to help you make the next move advantageously. WBA offers strategic hotel capital sourcing direct, and hotel asset management and operations optimization.

We can examine hotel finance and management options in further detail, and identify potentials advantageous for a common objective of hotel asset maximization for your hotel investment.

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