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WBA’s experience at leveraging a powerful integrated hotel industry network, and innovative creative vision, greatly benefits a hotel asset's strategic advantage for effectuating new capital and valuation potential existing in the dynamics of current market challenges.

WBA Offers Powerful Resources for Hotel Asset Repositioning

Through our alliance with a superb hotel management company, in tangent with years of hotel and finance experience, WBA is able to open great opportunities to reposition hotel assets now. We can implement needed hotel capital improvements and provide operational and marketing capabilities, through relevant presentation to the hotel capital source that can get it done; WBA. Hotel money directed to a demonstrated winning plan is the key. We build this vision in others, by a careful examination of the reality of a hotel asset's current state, and the new potentials available for revaluation of a hotel investment: Injecting it with money.

Hotel asset repositioning is a constant, especially acute in real estate today. Envisioning new potentials, within the parameters available, applied intelligently, can revive an underperforming hotel asset: Capital injection. Extending those parameters favorably and removing limitations can do more than revive a hotel investment asset, it can revolutionize the investment's asset value. WBA extends the parameters with hotel capital and financial resource power in one place: WBA.

Working within given limitations is a challenge today. Removing those limitations is an even more positive aid to getting through certain constraints quickly, it means a hotel capital jump start to a revivable property and investment. We help remove obstacles, by building new value plans, based on the latest understanding of trends and technologies which the game has changed upon. After a thorough understanding of your goals, we can offer what only experience and networking contact in the hotel industry can provide; exactly how to restore a hotel asset to exceptional levels, by analysis and understanding of the new relevant issues, and demonstrating this to a supporting strong hotel capital source, owner, or investment interest for direct hotel capital aid: WBA.

We can demonstrate our talent at assessing a hotel/resort, or multi-use hotel asset, in all the common market foci, such as ownership objectives, geographic location, market dynamics, ownership hotel capital source, and so on, but today's world goes beyond the traditional focus, it has changed. The WBA vision goes beyond the common attention targets, to potential revolutionary synergies, of pivotal key hotel finance aspects, which can lift a hotel asset out of sinking, lagging performance, or strategize an existing hotel capital infusion plan to avoid the known and latent pitfalls, which many are NOW stumbling over. This is the reality, to get hotel money, you need to show you can increase the future cash flow. The comprehensive expertise needed, is simply beyond most hotel owners.

We are hotel visionaries, and though some of our tactics are traditional, we also pay diligent attention to new trends, patterns, and technologies which can be tapped properly, aided with hotel capital sourcing and agile wisdom. WBA synthesizes the hotel asset management science, with aligned hotel finance potentiation, real-time.

WBA's Goal: A hotel property asset repositioned strategically beyond theory, to proof of hotel operation and capital enhancement concept, to real world, real time application, to a more hotel market intelligent real estate and economic investment; meeting new hotel financial and performance goals, because many times, the old ones cannot be met under current direction. Your goal, is our goal, we make hotels stronger physically and fiscally.

We would love to share our vision, enthusiasm, talent and creativity with you, please feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns, and goals. The opportunities are worth exploring. Planning and knowing the next move is our talent and science as hotel management AND hotel finance specialists and experts.

Increase Chances of Hotel Funding with New Future Value Strategies

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See Our Funding Proposal - WBA seeks to acquire hotels and related distressed assets in the $4,000,000 gross revenue range, which can benefit from a capital infusion directly and comprehensive management to regain market viability, focus, and dominance.

With direct capital sources, and participation of principal management representation and involvement, we offer great advantage to procuring resources as quickly and directly as possible, with a timely comprehensive scope for hotel asset recapitalization..


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A successful strategy requires an expert hotel management and hotel funding strategist with access to industry intelligence and finance capital resources. WBA offers experience, insight and hotel finance sources to prepare you for the next move with confidence.

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